Most frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, they are very warm and cosy with central heating and plenty of hot water. You can also relax and warm yourselves in front of the woodburner in the shared cosy room

Yes, all towels and bedding are provided.

No, we will clean the apartment at the end of your stay.

Yes, please can you place all plastic, glass, card/paper and cans into the re-cycling bin in your apartment.  Please do not crush drink cans as they cannot be recycled so easily. We separate the different items. Please rinse cans, packaging if needed. Thank you.

Yes, all heating, water and electricity are included. Please can all guests rememebr to turn lights off when leaving the apartments, thank you.

Yes, free wi-fi is available throughout the property.

The small town of Övertorneå has a good range of shops and you can get pretty much whatever you need. Please note that most shops close at 5pm each day and all day Sundays. There are 2 supermarkets, the nearest (coop) is approximately 750m from The Friendly Moose and is open 7-11. Please remember that we can give you free transport for your shopping trip.

There is a Pizza restaurant, a daytime Coffee-shop serving lunches, a Fast-Fod Grill type take-away outlet and a bar/restaurant (pre-booking needed for diner) all within a few minutes walk. There are a small number of other more up-market dining options within 40 minutes drive.

We do have an electric sauna, which guests can book for a cost of sek 100 per person up to a maximum of 200 sek, but regretably this is not accessible due to the sauna being located down a flight of stairs in the basement. We are very sorry about this and are working on locating an accessible option.

Beers/cider below 3.5% alc can be purchased from supermarkets. Stronger beers, wines and spirits can be bought from the System Bolag (Off-Licence). Prices are suprisingly reasonable e.g. bottles of wine start from around £7.00.  

Yes, we can take you to Ice Hotel. Please note that it is a 3.5-4 hour drive each way, and it is not included in any of our packages.