Husky Sled Rides

Take a once in a lifetime trip with our enchanting local Siberian huskies.

To experience our wonderful husky sled rides we take a 20-minute drive out to meet Eva-Maria and Jakob and their team of beautiful Siberian Huskies.  You will meet all the dogs and hear about their amazing talents (these are seriously athletic dogs), before climbing aboard the sled for your breathtaking 30-minute ride across the frozen lake Soukolojärvi.

Practicalities: We have a choice of 2 sleds for the rides. We suggest the bigger sled for people who can comfortably transition into a car seat and have some moderate core control. This can seat up to 4 adults sitting one behind the other astride the sled. Other riders and velcro bands can add extra support if needed. The other sled is more suited towards riders who prefer more of a prone position.