Nature Walks

The frozen river Tornio, snow-covered meadows and beautiful winter forest scenery can all be seen from The Friendly Moose.

There is a very nicely prepared river-side footpath running from the house and through the trees for approx. 1 km. It’s a very pleasant “walk” and is wheelchair accessible.

With the “Wheelblades” (like mini skis that clip on easily to the front casters) wheelchair users will find moving through snow much easier, but we still recommend having pushing assistance on hand in case of deeper snow. 

A drive out to different areas in both Sweden and Finland provides some fantastic scenery to be enjoyed. You are also likely to encounter Reindeer and sometimes the King of the Forest, Moose, Arctic hares, Deer and Capercailie can be spotted.

During your adventures there is always time to stop and make a fire to cook some coffee or other hot drinks and food. There will also be an option to practice your fire-starting techniques.