Sami Culture

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At The Friendly Moose you have complete freedom to try the various snow sports and activities on offer in Lapland. Especially popular is sledging and we have a range of sledges, sliding matts and snow-tubes which help to make this simple pleasure really accessible. Whether you have a disability or not, anything is possible here.

“The Sami are one of the world’s indigenous people with their own language, culture and customs that differ from the societies around them. And a tip from us; put a smile on the face of a Sami by calling them just that and referring to their land as Sápmi.

Sápmi is a land of snow-capped mountains, wild rivers, pristine lakes and streams, tundra and forest. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty, peace and quiet and is a perfect get-away-from-it-all destination.

The Sami have lived here since time immemorial and their forefathers were reindeer herders, hunters and fishermen and gathered wild plants and berries. Basically they lived off the land and did not exploit it, and as these traditions continue this thought is very much at the heart of the Sami life." – Visit Sweden

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