Awseome adventures & Amazing activities

- Creating memories to last a lifetime -

The northern summer is not as cold as one might think. It can get up to 30 degrees and the sun almost never sets. In our summer package you will experience the magic of the midnight sun and the stunning nature. 

A stay at The Friendly Moose offers a fantastic range of activities and experiences for families, friends and groups to enjoy together. Hosts Paul and Maria will help you to experience all that Swedish and Finnish Lapland have to offer and will endeavour to make all the activities as accessible as possible for all guests.  

Discover more about how we ensure that all our activities are accessible to all and suitable for guests with a disability please read more on our ‘useful information’ page which gives you all the important and practical details of your stay.

Torne valley roadtrip

We will take you on a roadtrip to some of our favourite spots along the river Torne.


Husky Experience

Get a chance to cuddle with the cute siberian huskies.


Visit Jockfall

See the waterfall in Jockfall and try their signature sandwich "Jockfallaren".


Arctic Moose Farm

You get a chance to see these magnificent animals at close quarters.


Nature walks

A drive out to different areas in both Sweden and Finland provides some fantastic scenery to be enjoyed.



During the warmer months the lakes and rivers are free from ice and good fishing can be enjoyed.


Local Food Experience

Get to know the local food and culture at Huuva Hideaway.


Midnight Sun

Experience the midnigh sun June 7 - July 3.



To pedal a trolley on a shut-down railway is an adventure for everyone.


Rauna Wildlife Park

The park specialises in arctic and northern animal species.