Useful Information- How to get here, Weather & Clothing, FAQ's

There are three airports you can choose to fly to when visiting The Friendly Moose and travelling from the UK. The airports below are also very well served by flights from destinations throughout Europe and the Rest of the World. 

Kemi, Finland: 1 hour 20 minutes

* Rovaniemi, Finland: 1 hour 40 minutes

Lulea, Sweden: 1 hour 55 minutes


* Rovaniemi has the most direct flights in the winter.


For guests travelling from the UK we recommend the airlines below, but other options and deals may be available through the various online flight search engines:

Norwegian Air from Gatwick to Lulea and in winter a Direct Flight to Rovaniemi which is very convenient –

EasyJet also runs Direct winter flights from Gatwick to Rovaniemi and has some really good rates. 

Finnair from London Heathrow to Kemi and Rovaniemi –

SAS (Scandanavian Airline Services) from Heathrow to Lulea  –

British airways.

For guests booking our holidays, airport transfers are included.

For bookings outside of the winter you can arrange airport transfers both ways through us, including wheelchair-adapted transport when required, or you can hire a car or use the bus services from your airport of arrival. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to let us know.

What to wear in the Winter and Summer

Winter time: Being within a few minutes of the Arctic Circle you can expect very cold temperatures through the Winter.

The snow cover is normally complete by Late November and remains this way into April. Contrary to common belief, even the shortest days in December have around 6 hours of usable light and during this period you will often experience the most beautiful pinks and purples of the “Polar glow”.

Temperatures can drop as low as minus 30 deg c, or even colder, through December to February and obviously this is very cold, but usually the lowest temperatures are accompanied by dry air and light winds so it tends to not feel as cold as you might imagine, but to keep safe and warm, we really recommend layering as the way to go. This is especially important is spending time outside watching for Northern lights.

You will always be near to a warm bus, warm room, spare blankets etc. and the actual amount of time you spend outside is up to you. Because of the very small and private group nature to our holidays if plans need to change we can easily do this. e.g. If your group decides to do just one hour of a snowmobile tour then we can just stop early. If booking with a group tour, you often won’t have this flexibility.  

Layering means some sort of wicking underclothes (not cotton) as a base layer, then warm, fleecy type layer/s and then wind protecting type for the outer shell. These do not need to be top designer brands. I use lots of mountain warehouse clothing and find as long as you use the layers you can cope with the really cold temps.

A good hat is vital as well and I also recommend a nice neck gaiter (snood/buff) and/or a full face balaclava/mask. Sunglasses or goggles are very good too, especially on the husky rides when it can feel really cold with the wind in your face.

Good gloves or mittens are essential. I have silk gloves that go under thick mittens and find that works really well. Pocket hand-warmers can also be good to have.

Good warm boots with space for extra socks are great to have…avoid tight boots.

We have extra sleeping bags and blankets for providing additional warmth if needed.

Summertime: In the summer months it can be surprisingly hot (last August recorded +36 degrees C and the record cold we had was minus 35 degrees C in February. A hat, Sunblock and lip balm is vital. Through the summer, when conditions are damp and humid, midges and mosquitos can be a nuisance so we really recommend bringing insect repellent/bite cream and light long sleeved items that can keep skin covered. 

Please do be aware that weather conditions and temperatures can change rapidly up here and that you need to be prepared.

We will, of course, always make sure guests avoid getting too cold, sunburnt, dehydrated etc. and can adapt plans to ensure comfort and safety are protected at all times, but following the guidance above will certainly help to make everyone’s holidays much more enjoyable and safe.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.


Are the apartments warm? Yes, they are very warm and cosy with central heating and plenty of hot water. You can also relax and warm yourselves in front of the woodburner in the shared cosy room

Are towels and bedding provided? Yes, all towels and bedding are provided.

Do guests need to clean the apartment?: No, we will clean the apartment at the end of your stay.

Can we recycle? Yes, please can you place all plastic, glass, card/paper and cans into the re-cycling bin in your apartment.  Please do not crush drink cans as they cannot be recycled so easily. We separate the different items. Please rinse cans, packaging if needed. Thank you.

Are all utilities included? Yes, all heating, water and electricity are included. Please can all guests rememebr to turn lights off when leaving the apartments, thank you.

Is wi-fi included. Yes, free wi-fi is available throughout the property.

Are there shops nearby? The small town of Övertorneå has a good range of shops and you can get pretty much whatever you need. Please note that most shops close at 5pm each day and all day Sundays. There are 2 supermarkets, the nearest (coop) is approximately 750m from The Friendly Moose and is open 7-11. Please remember that we can give you free transport for your shopping trip.

What are the eating-out options? There is a Pizza restaurant, a daytime Coffee-shop serving lunches, a Fast-Fod Grill type take-away outlet and a bar/restaurant (pre-booking needed for diner) all within a few minutes walk. There are a small number of other more up-market dining options within 40 minutes drive.

Do you have a Sauna: We do have an electric sauna, which guests can book for a cost of sek 100 per person up to a maximum of 200 sek, but regretably this is not accessible due to the sauna being located down a flight of stairs in the basement. We are very sorry about this and are working on locating an accessible option.  

Is alcohol super expensive? Beers/cider below 3.5% alc can be purchased from supermarkets. Stronger beers, wines and spirits can be bought from the System Bolag (Off-Licence). Prices are suprisingly reasonable e.g. bottles of wine start from around £7.00.