Weather & Clothing


Being within a few minutes of the Arctic Circle you can expect very cold temperatures through the Winter. The snow cover is normally complete by late November and remains this way into April.Temperatures can drop as low as minus 30°c, or even colder, through December to February and obviously this is very cold, but usually the lowest temperatures are accompanied by dry air and light winds so it tends to not feel as cold as you might imagine.

To keep safe and warm, we really recommend layering as the way to go.

Layering means some sort of wicking underclothes (not cotton) as a base layer, then warm, fleecy type layer/s and then wind protecting type for the outer shell.

What to pack:

  • A warm hat/beanie
  • A nice neck gaiter (snood/buff) and/or a full-face balaclava/mask
  • Sunglasses or goggles
  • Good gloves or mittens (I have silk gloves that go under thick mittens and find that works well)
  • Pocket hand-warmers (if your hands tend to get cold easily)
  • Good warm boots with extra space for socks

These do not need to be top designer brands. I use lots of mountain warehouse clothing and find if you use the layers you can cope with the cold temps.

We have extra sleeping bags and blankets for providing additional warmth if needed.

You will always be near to a warm bus, warm room, spare blankets etc. and the actual amount of time you spend outside is up to you. Because of the very small and private group nature to our holidays if plans need to change, we can easily do this. e.g., If your group decides to do just one hour of a snowmobile tour then we can just stop early. If booking with a group tour, you often won’t have this flexibility.  


In the summer months it can be surprisingly hot. Through the summer, when conditions are damp and humid, midges and mosquitos can be a nuisance. 

What to pack: 

  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Lip balm
  • Insect repellent/bite cream
  • Light long sleeved items that can keep skin covered

Please do be aware that weather conditions and temperatures can change rapidly up here and that you need to be prepared.

We will, of course, always make sure guests avoid getting too cold, sunburnt, dehydrated etc. and can adapt plans to ensure comfort and safety are protected at all times, but following the guidance above will certainly help to make everyone’s holidays much more enjoyable and safe.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.