Amazing Adventures & Awesome Activities

– Creating memories to last a lifetime –

A stay at The Friendly Moose offers a fantastic range of activities and experiences for families, friends and groups to enjoy together. Hosts Paul and Maria will help you to experience all that Swedish and Finnish Lapland have to offer and will endeavour to make all the activities as accessible as possible for all guests.  

Discover more about how we ensure that all our activities are accessible to all and suitable for guests with a disability please read more on our ‘useful information’ page which gives you all the important and practical details of your stay.

Winter Package

For many people, the winter is the most magical time to visit with the Husky sled rides, snowy scenery and the amazing Northern lights!

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Husky rides for people of all abilities and disabilities

Husky Sled Rides

Take a once in a lifetime sled ride across the frozen lake with our enchanting local Siberian huskies.

northern lights over the river

Northern Lights

During your stay at The Friendly Moose we will do our best to make sure you witness the Northern Lights.

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The friendly moose in Swedish lapland

Arctic Moose Farm

You get a chance to see these magnificent animals at close quarters.

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Nature walks

A drive out to different areas in both Sweden and Finland provides some fantastic scenery to be enjoyed. You are also likely to encounter reindeers.

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Everyone is welcome on this educational and interesting experience as we drill into the ice to find our catch.

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Snowmobile & Pulka Ride

We have our own snowmobile and 4 person pulka and can head out alongside the river and into the woods.

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Sledging & Tobogganing

So simple and so much fun to do in the snow is sledging and we have a lot of different sledges to use.

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Visit Santa in Lapland

Santa Experience Sweden

Calm and Quiet away from the crowds, this is an intimate and accessible Santa visit exclusive for our guests.

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Santa Experience Finland

A super and exciting experience for the children when we visit Santa in Rovaniemi.

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Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing here in Overtornea is a peaceful, family fun event where you can enjoy skiing at a leisurely pace.

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Local Food Experience

Get to know the local food and culture at Huuva Hideaway.

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Ranua Wildlife Park

The park specialises in arctic and northern animal species.

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