Enjoy the beauty of fishing on the river Torne any time of the year. 

Over the winter months the ice builds up on the lakes and rivers and the only way to access the fish is by drilling your own hole in the ice. Everyone is welcome on this educational and interesting experience as we drill into the ice to find our catch. In these waters the main fish we will find are Perch and Pike. All tackle is provided.

Please note that the conditions/access may make this activity unsuitable for our wheelchair-using guests.

During the warmer months the lakes and rivers are free from ice and good fishing can be enjoyed for a wide range of freshwater species.

For anyone wanting the ultimate challenge of landing a Salmon guided trips can be arranged from June onwards. The Friendly Moose overlooks the River Torne and with many fish over 20lbs caught every year and some specimens topping 40lbs, there is the chance of the fish of a lifetime.

ice fishing with the friendly moose in Swedish lapland